Under the Dizingoff Center bridge

It was 10 years ago and I was sixteen. I came with some of my friends to meet some of their friends. We were girls and boys, and we shook each other’s hands and smiled. One of them was introduced to me as GB (full name is mine to know
I said: “oh, so you’re GB. I hear about you all the time.” He was surprised.
He said: “I hear about you all the time too”. I knew he was lying. He smiled.
He was tall and thin with a terrible Afro and french goatee.
We all entered the “Center” to play some arcade games. GB and I played “Tekken 3″. I don’t remember who won. After that we all sneaked to the roof and found a closed swimming pool, so we wandered the streets, shouting and screaming and laughing and flirting with everything around us.
I thought about him all summer and wooed him all fall. We were an adolescent couple for the next winter and spring and then broke up, as adolescent couples do.
8 years later he wrote me a love letter while I was living with my ex-Parisian-boyfriend in Paris.
A year after that we were married.
It’s the 1st of April and it’s a sunny day. He’s at work now I’m at our apartment, thinking how to fool him when he returns…

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