my first boyfriend’s wealthy stepfather had a house in jaffa facing the sea that he didn’t use often. we were in the army, i was 18, and i came to spend a weekend with him during my training course. it was this luxurious beautiful chic house, i was afraid to touch things. he got me special take out from a fancy restaurant to celebrate our 6-month anniversary. i was really shy and didn’t know how to act the entire time. we had sex a lot and i just tried to act normal. a few months later, his mother and stepfather were in israel and invited me for dinner at an extremely fancy restaurant. the kind with a prix fix menu and stuff. his sister and brother in law were with us and maybe some other people. i was still super shy. i couldn’t finish my meal and the dinner went on and on. it was awkwardly long. finally a waiter came and asked if i was done, i said “yeah!” like as if he couldn’t tell. they cleared the plates. when we got back my boyfriend asked, “didn’t you know that you have to put your fork and knife together when you’re done eating?” i was horrified. i always thought i was so well educated at home (no elbows on the dinner table).
he dumped me a week later. we were sitting on a bench in the kibbutz we were living in during the army. i was sitting to his left and that night i developed an ear infection in my right ear. as if that ear couldn’t handle hearing the dump. it was one of the most painful illnesses i ever had.

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