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Nachalat Binyamin, The Dolphinarium

It’s Dec. 31, 1999 and I’m driving from my hometown of Jerusalem to Tel Aviv with my love.
First destination: Nachal Binyamit, to the artist shuk. Objective: To buy a ring that symbolizes our decision to marry.
It’s hard to find a ring my size, small enough for me that won’t look too childish. Everyone suggests that I should order one and come back next week to get it. Next week?? That will be in the next millennium!! I’ve waited over 30 years, I want a ring NOW. We went through every stall, and finally found one. There wasn’t a happier person on earth than me.
Next destination: The Beach. It was getting late and we didn’t want to miss the last sunset of the millennium. On the Tel Aviv beach, we watched a round blazing sun descending for its last time into the sea, into the new millennium. The drum circle that had gathered on the beach sang to me a farewell song to my old life as a bachelorette, and the start of a new era.


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The beach across the street from Hotel Miguel, 88 HaYarkon

November, 2011

I am sitting alone on the beach and it is sunset. I have just spent a beautiful week visiting a friend from my Taglit trip a year earlier. We were staying at Hotel Miguel, a shady little hotel, but right on the beach. He speaks little English and I speak little Hebrew but we shared an unexplainable connection. He has left for work and I am waiting to be picked up by another friend from Taglit. As I sit on the beach I think about the wonderful friendships I formed on my previous trip to Israel. I think about how different our lives are although we are the same age. I am a senior at an American university, studying for a semester in Rome, Italy and they are just finishing the army. In one way, however, it seems that we have all arrived at the same moment in life. We are beginning a new chapter of our lives, and we are free to go wherever our hearts take us. As I sit there I have an epiphany. I think that I can do anything, go anywhere, as long as I follow my heart. At this moment, while I watch the sun set the waves on fire, I feel at one with the universe and at one with these friends with whom I shared two weeks exploring Israel. We come from different places but we are all heading in the same direction.

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Cafe Noach, Ha’Hashmonaim corner of Achad Ha’am

Tomorrow my daughter is leaving to live in New York. A farewell brunch at her favorite place. Like always, a beautiful place, terrible service. Inside her omelet, served in a cast-iron skillet, is a shard of glass!! She says she is going to call the waitress over and say: “This is unacceptable! I can’t take it, I am leaving the country!” We all laugh, me also, while inside, I swallow the broken glass.

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Gan Ha’Atsmaut

For the daily run, instead of going down Nordau towards the Tayelet, then south to Mike’s Place, he decided to cross Gan Ha’Atsmaut and run down the sea shore, to watch the sunset. While he ran down the steps that go down to the sand, he saw an older man, maybe waiting for a sexual opportunity. He thought how pathetic it is, and in the moment he passed him, he saw it was his father. He kept running and running while inside the world was collapsing… Or maybe he just imagined it?

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The Dolphinarium beach

My boyfriend broke up with me after a year and a half. I was so heartbroken. I went to the beach to wash away my sorrows. I went to the Dolphinarium beach, as it was called at the time, where there is a breakwater. I climbed the rocks and watched the sea.
I was alone there as this was the mid nineties and no one came to that beach. It later became famed as the drummers beach. But in the mid nineties it was a sleepy fisherman’s beach.
A man with his dog came to sit by me, he seemed nice, but I was too heartbroken to appreciate his niceness. So I told him the story of me and my boyfriend, and how he decided to break up with me after a year and a half.

As I was telling him this, I felt a presence behind me, I turned around, it was the boyfriend, the ex boyfriend that is. The man who broke my heart. He too came to wash his sorrows from our breakup at this same beach. The nice man got up and excused us, and we were left to watch the sunset together. For the last time.

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The garment district

I went to the garment district, I think, a small area where there are a lot of fabric shops to buy the fabric for my wedding dress. My fiance and I went to travel and elope there in Israel, hoping to find our home. It wasn’t until years later that I had an epiphany, that Israel was not to be my new home. I haven’t been back since, it’s been over 7 years.

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Late, on a warm night in early spring, I ran down Dizengoff, with a close friend, and large black permanent marker in my bag. On walls, signs, and poles, I tagged the words “i ME mine,” after the song by George Harrison. After seeing images of “Know Hope” and various other illegal markings throughout the city, I became part of the inspirational delinquency, in an effort to remind myself, and those around me, to forfeit the cage of our own egos, our “I,” in search of something more meaningful outside of ourselves.

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